Lazy America

The world has become suicidal. We are self destructive and don't want to change our ways but yet we want to complain about the destructive forces of nature that we have provoked upon the world through our own overuse of resources and pollution.

It’s a fact that Americans have become so lazy that they develop device to do things for them. It’s also a fact that America has an obesity problem. And it is definitely a fact that America has lowered its standards on education. The list goes on and on. These are things that slowly destroy our nation and us. The worst of all is the fact that the very science we believe to prove and disprove things, is ignored when it explains things like Global Warming.

An extensive report was filed with our own government and because of our dependence on petroleum and the revenue it makes the oil tycoons this report was scribbled on and returned to the scientists who reported it. Facts have been coved in many movies such as “Happy Feet,” “An Inconvenient Truth,” “The 11th Hour,” and the list goes on. Any movies such as “Happy Feet,” and “The Day After Tomorrow,” are fictional movies with a message that the viewers ignore.

The sad thing is that even the act based documentaries are ignored. This has been going on for years now. Now people are noticing 113 degree temperatures in California in the fall and complaining. You were warned. We were warned even before the discovery of Global Warming. Christianity teaches us of these things that will come to pass in the very time frame we now live in. For those of you that want to argue that Christianity is wrong in these prophecies then argue by making the change. Support the change that needs to happen and allow the scientists to reverse the effects of the greenhouse gases.

You can see them in the sky now because they have become so thick. The clouds are red and the sky is red, along the horizon. We can all keep denying the problem exists and complain about the world events such as continuous hurricanes one after the other, forest fires all over the world as depicted in the Bible, the destruction of our own food and water supplies because we want oil so badly. Our species have become self destructive and suicidal. We have become our own worst enemies and terrorists.

I say it is time to take a good look at the big picture, stop arguing, and come together with a plan to save our world and therefore our lives and children’s lives. Money is not the only thing in life. Without a world to spend the money it is just another pile of garbage anyway. Do the math. Wake up and support the actors that have spent their own money to present these facts to you. Global Warming is real. It will be our own demise if we don’t try and reverse it now. Without food and water we will grow weak. With intense heat and magnified UV rays cancer will become even more common as it has already. Eventually no one will be able to survive the conditions that we have created in our world and mankind will be destroyed.,CST-NWS-laheat28.article


Article by Kevin C. Davison


“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”



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